# OOWOW Quickstart

## What is OOWOW?
OOWOW is an embedded service (integrated into your device) - it can be run at any time if you need to perform essential maintenance services on your device.

## About VIM4
VIM4 is the first device from Khadas that includes the OOWOW embedded service. Since VIM4 comes without any pre-installed OS, users can use OOWOW to select and install their preferred OS.

## OS Delivery
OOWOW provides rapid online OS download and installation, which will improve quality of life for single board computer users - with OOWOW, you can install / reinstall your preferred OS in just 2-3 minutes.

## OOWOW Wizard
The OOWOW wizard will guide you to install a new OS in just 4 steps, and it automatically starts if your device storage is empty.

+ Connect to internet over Wi-Fi or Ethernet
+ Display OS images for your device
+ Select OS installation image
+ Download and install OS into your device

Wizard Usage Example: [Quick start](../screencasts/quick-start/-gallery?play=loop)

Tip: If you need other features, exit from the wizard to the main menu.

Continue reading about OOWOW > [User Manual](oowow-user-manual.md)